Adding Strength to Your Team Whenever Needed

Anodd consulting is a contract staffing agency that is offering temporary staffing solutions to companies from different verticals including IT and Non-IT. They are experienced in headhunting and find a suitable fit according to the requirement of the organization.

Adherence to the Contract

When it comes to finding a temporary employee, we incorporate techniques to recruit an efficient candidate who can get the job done in a limited period. As contract staffing requires the signing of contracts which both the company and the candidate agree to, we make sure that there is no discrepancy and zero scopes of misunderstanding, thus making a perfect liaison between both the parties.

How We Help Our Clients With Fast Contract Staffing?

At Anodd consulting, we understand the need for contract staffing and the urgency to fill the position. Therefore, we keep a record of potential candidates who are willing to work on contracts and get in touch with them whenever a requirement comes. Here are a few things we focus on-

  • Employing the right candidate for short term roles as and when needed.
  • Handling headhunting to onboarding of candidates for various IT and Non-IT companies, including regular follow ups is our responsibility.
  • We keep on updating our database with the details of the candidates with great talent interested in work on short term projects and who can handle diverse roles.

Why Companies Choose Us As Their Recruitment Partner

There might be numerous HR consultancies available in the market, but companies that choose us to retain us as our partners forever. We make strong and trusted business associations with our clients that help us to stay connected. Unlike other agencies, we have the fastest turn around time and believe in employing the best candidate. Some of the key features that make us distinct from others are-

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  • The range of services we offer is available at much higher rates in the market. Thus, making us a cost-effective option for long-term and fruitful business associations
  • At Anodd Consulting, we search for the perfect candidate from various sources including online job portals, our database, employee referrals as well as talent acquisition events.
  • We understand that the project might get completed in a short period of time, but we can’t compromise with quality. Therefore, we share the best profile of our candidates for the interview agreeing to work within the company’s given budget.
  • We make sure that both the parties, the candidate and the company adhere to the policies written in the contract and no obligations are made that hampers the reputation of either of the companies.
  • Staffing requirements at odd locations is not a problem for us as we recruit candidates and have tie ups with companies PAN India.

We at Anodd understand the immediate need for a proficient employee that can bring you business or help in retaining the current situation and therefore, we stand by our clients in every situation. We try our best to close the position as soon as possible by recruiting a suitable candidate that fits your requirements and exceeds your expectations.